Sunburn relief serum 75ml

Malibu Sunburn Relief Serum can be used any time but specifically after exposure to the sun, providing cooling and soothing relief to mild sunburn.

✓ Collagen Stimulating
✓ Anti-Irritant
✓ Contains Aloe Vera and Echinacea Extract
✓ Cooling and soothing
✓ Only Tested on Humans
✓ Made in England

■ Apply liberally after exposure to the sun.
■ Ensure that skin is evenly and generously covered with lotion.
■ For External Use Only.
■ Do not apply to broken skin.
■ Avoid contact with fabrics and eyes.
■ If contact with eyes occurs rinse with clean water.

■ This product provides no protection from the sun's rays.
■ Use the appropriate Malibu Protective Sun Lotion.
■ Avoid Mid Day Sun and Extreme exposure.

"Every one’s skin is different and the sun varies in intensity – take care in the sun to avoid over exposure."