Signature maverick body deodorant 122ml

The World’s # 1 Male Deodorant Axe, presents ‘Axe Signature’ - a range of premium body perfumes with 0% gas. Designed by the world's leading perfumers, Axe Signature body perfumes are concentrated with 3X more perfume. These body perfumes are not only stronger, but they also last longer, helping you make an unforgettable impression when it matters the most. Get the confidence to live life on your own terms with Axe Signature Maverick Body Perfume. A novel, exotic and long-lasting fragrance created through an unexpected blend of fresh citrus notes with an aromatic and spicy wood base. The distinct and multifaceted aroma of this exotic and engaging fragrance lasts for up to 24 hours, giving you long-lasting, all-day freshness. A truly unique perfume, it is best suited for the free-spirited man who makes his own rules. Complete your morning preparation with the unforgettable fragrance of Axe Signature Maverick Body Perfume. Simply spray it directly on your skin, underarms, chest and neck

Shake well
To use, hold the can straight up about 15cms away from your body.
Spray on your chest, Neck and other pulse points so that the scent lingers on.
See, it’s just that easy and effortless to smell ready.