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Simply 3 venus disposable 1's

Gillette Simply Venus 3 Disposable Razors feature three thin blades for greater accuracy, lowering the chance of cuts. Thus, these are an enhanced version of Simply Venus 2 and include exciting additions like protective Microfins. Besides the traditional enriching as well as hydrating lubrication strip, the razor's handle is ergonomic, containing a Soft Elastomer Grip. This not only increases comfort but also makes each stroke extra controlled. Thanks to confident yet delicate glides over the skin, you'll be able to remove unwanted body hair without much effort.

Use the Gillette Simply Venus 3 Disposable Razors on specific body areas like your armpits or legs. Make sure the skin is clean and smooth the blade over it, performing slow yet confident strokes. Always shave in the direction that the hair grows in. Finally, as these are disposable razors, there's no need to clean the blades.