Rose quartz home SPA set - rose quartz roller + silk headband + 4 silk rubber bands

Create your own care ritual at home using luxurious CRYSTALLOVE products. With the CRYSTALLOVE Rose quartz home SPA set , your daily care routine will turn into a real SPA ritual!

A face massage with a rose quartz roller will make your skin look fresh and radiant. Puffiness will disappear and the contour and oval of the face will improve. The sleeping band made of silk will take care of you even when you sleep! Thanks to silk scrunchies, your hair will not only look beautiful, but will also never be tangled and brittle again!

The energy of rose quartz has a calming and calming effect, promotes harmony and cleanses the body and mind of negative emotions, and has a positive effect on the skin, bringing a youthful appearance. The mulberry silk from which the accessories were made is the best combination of gloss, thickness, softness and durability of silk.

Tie your hair with a silk elastic and clean your face, spray the hydrolate and apply your favorite oil, serum or sheet mask
Start the massage from the forehead with movements from the inside to the outside of the face. Massage the eye area and then drain excess lymph towards the lymph nodes
Repeat for the cheekbones, chin, and neck
Before resting, put a silk blindfold on your eyes. The headband will not only make your sleep more pleasant but also make you wake up without blisters and irritated skin.