Rose quartz face massage mushroom

The CRYSTALLOVE face massage mushroom was designed to care for the delicate skin around the eyes. Massage with a rose quartz mushroom brings many benefits: the natural coolness of the stone closes the pores, reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, and increases blood circulation. In addition, the massage relaxes tense facial muscles, stimulates and rejuvenates, reducing the visibility of fine wrinkles. Helpful when applying the cream. Perfect for all skin types.


· has a beneficial effect on the skin, bringing a youthful appearance
· helpful in the fight against wrinkles
· the energy of the stone calms and calms down
· cleans the body and mind of negative emotions

The massage is performed on cleansed skin covered with your favorite oil or serum. We start with a massage of the skin around the eyes, massaging from the inside to the outside of the face, then we move to the neck and décolletage massage towards the lymph nodes. We repeat each movement 5-10 times. During the massage, remember about gentle movements and gentle pressure. Although the stone has its own natural coolness, additional cooling of the mushroom before the massage in the refrigerator will allow for an additional effect of refreshing the skin. However, if you want to help the absorption of cosmetics into the skin, immerse the mushrooms in warm water for a few minutes before the massage.


After each use, clean the mushrooms under running water. The crystals can additionally be purified naturally. Once every few weeks, we expose the stones to sunlight or moonlight in order to cleanse them naturally from the negative energy they absorb from the environment.

dimensions: 4cm x 4cm
color: pink
chakra: hearts