Regal sleep cap satin bonnet

Enjoy sweet dreams and protected curls with the Cantu Satin Bonnet Sleep Cap! Your curls are fragile, so we designed this patterned sleep cap with super-soft satin to prevent breakage, snagging, and frizz caused by pillow friction. This comfy bonnet stays on all night to protect curl and coil definition and retain moisture. The Cantu Satin Bonnet Sleep Cap keeps the hair intact overnight and removes with ease in the morning.

· Protect fragile curls and coils from snagging and dryness
· Prevents frizz and breakage caused by pillow friction
· Secure fit, stays on all night
· Helps hair retain moisture

To use, simply slide the Bonnet on hair to protect fragile curls and coils. Wear overnight, and remove in the morning to reveal healthy, frizz-free hair.
For best results, style hair with Cantu Leave-In Repair Cream.