Oilfusion hair color 5.0 light brown 100ml

Immerse in the sea of mesmerizing shades of nature with the dabur vatika natural coloring kit - natural black with the goodness of blackseed oil. introducing a range of attractive, rich and permanent colors with the vatika naturals hair care range for grey hair. The vatika hair color comprises of natural ingredients for nourished coloring. With 100% coverage for grey hair color, the product result guarantees flawlessly natural-looking color for you. The quick formula undergoes a 30 minute development time for incredibly soft and shiny hair. Say no more! to harmful chemicals and welcome your new natural-looking hair color with vatika naturals hair color crème.

Step 1:empty the coloring tube and developer milk bottle in a non-metallic bowl and mix to form a uniform mixture;
step 2: put on gloves and using an applicator brush, apply the mixture evenly on hair; focus on grey hair; keep on for 30 minutes;
step 3:rinse thoroughly with Luke warm water until water runs clear and colorless;
step 4: apply vatika naturals nourish and protect conditioner on hair and leave for 1-2 minutes; rinse off with luke warm water.