Oilfusion hair color 3.6 deep red brown 100ml

Get immersed in the mesmerizing colors of nature. Introducing a range of attractive, rich permanent colors. Oil Fusion creme color infiltrates the roots of the hair and provides deep nourishment for the hair, while at the same time delivering a natural and fashionable look. Regular use protects your hair from harmful chemicals and with every application hair texture improves.

· Empty the colouring tube and developer milk bottle in a non metallic bowl and mix to form a uniform mixture.

· Put on gloves and using an applicator brush, apply the mixture evenly on hair. Focus on grey hair. Keep on for 30 mins

· Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water until water runs clear and colorless

· Apply vatika naturals nourish and protect conditioner on hair and leave for 1-2 minutes. rinse off with lukewarm water

· BEETROOT : known to promote healthy scalp
· COFFEE : known to impart brown color.
· POMEGRANATE : protects hair from damage and moisturizes hair