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Mosquito repellent geranium scent lotion 80ml

Soffell is a mosquito repellent in the form of a lotion and spray that doesn't dry out the skin, doesn't stick to the skin and has a soft scent. Soffell can be used to protect the body from mosquito bites at any opportunity, such as: while relaxing, watching television, and sleeping.

Soffell protects the body from mosquito bites with protection that effectively lasts for approximately 8 hours.
SOFFELL offers double protections:
First protection: to prevent mosquitoes with gentle formulas.
Second protection: to protect the body from mosquito bites by producing unfavorable flavor for mosquitoes to bite.
SOFFELL contains special moisturizer to keep the skin soft, no burning sensations, and no stickiness when applied to skin.