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Moisturizing shave gel 195ml

Gillette Series Moisturizing Shaving Gel ensures your shaving process is as smooth as possible thanks to its impressive triple action formula. Enriched with Cocoa Butter, this option moisturizes deeply, enhancing the skin's moisture barrier as well as increasing personal comfort. While Menthol gives a calming, extra cooling finish, Glycerin and other hydrating, high-quality ingredients protect from irritation, redness, or itching. All in all, a small portion of this gel is enough to soothe, hydrate, and shield against damaging free radicals. Besides, this also preserves moisture throughout the day, lubricating facial hair before its trimming or removal. Needless to say, this is a safe bet for all skin types and can be combined with any of the brand's razors to produce optimal, clean-shaven results!

Press the dispenser in order to apply a nice layer of Gillette Series Moisturizing Shaving Gel on your face and neck. Ideally, make sure the areas you want to trim/shave are cleansed before spreading the product. Draw circular motions with your fingertips and work the gel into a rich lather. After completing the shaving process, rinse abundantly and avoid direct contact with the eyes. Finally, store the bottle away from heat sources or hot surfaces as it may burst if under those circumstances.

Palmitic Acid keeps your complexion moisturized as well as free of wrinkles or age spots. Common in multiple anti-aging treatments, it smooths and softens from within, thanks to a plethora of fatty acids;
Menthol gives a cooling sensation, calming irritable skin and itching;
Lastly, Cocoa Seed Butter contains a high amount of fatty acids, which make it well-suited as a primary ingredient in skincare. Essentially, it helps your complexion achieve optimal hydration levels, creating a protective barrier that holds in moisture. Naturally, its addition prevents dryness.