Hijab bright even tone spf20 refreshing serum180ml

Vaseline SPF 20 PA++ Even Tone Refreshing Serum, special skin care for women who wear hijab. The formula is light, non-sticky and feels refreshing, containing SPF 20 PA++ which protects the skin from sunlight which causes skin to become dull and prematurely aging. Makes skin 2x brighter evenly^ and protected.

1. 3% Super Niacinamde Complex Serum*: for 10x brightening power* and 10x glowing skin protection*
2. 4D Hyaluronic Acid: 1000x the power of hydrating the skin~ to the deepest layers of the epidermis
3. SPF 20 PA++ and Antioxidant: fights free radicals and has 20x stronger protection against sunlight^ (UVA/UVB) causes of dull skin
4. Light refreshing serum texture: with a cold sensation and a texture that absorbs more quickly into the skin layers, comfortable to use everyday even though wearing a hijab
5. Energizing Perfume: with a refreshing fragrance to elevate the mood of your day
6. Vaseline Jelly: has been trusted for more than 150 years to lock in skin moisture and help repair dry skin

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