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Gua sha eye massager made of rose quartz - face reflexology

Point massager - a spoon is the perfect complement to the daily care for lovers of gua sha massage and face reflexology. It allows for precise massaging of hard-to-reach places, relaxes tense muscles that cause crow's feet to appear around the eyes. Massage improves microcirculation and reduces lymphatic stagnation, thanks to which we can naturally get rid of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
The point tip is intended for massage and compression of energy points located on our face, which are connected with the organs of the whole organism through nerve endings. Each point on our face and body corresponds to a particular internal organ. By pressing and massaging individual points, we make the blood circulate better, thanks to which we restore the proper flow of life energy qi and unblock the meridians or "energy channels" in our body through which the life-giving qi energy moves.
A massage based on reflexology calms down, relaxes, helps in better sleep and has a beneficial effect on our entire body. According to natural medicine, good health depends on the harmonious flow of energy in our body. If the flow of life qi energy in our body through any of the meridians becomes blocked or unstable, then it can lead to disease of the connected organ.


· has a beneficial effect on the skin, bringing a youthful appearance
· helpful in the fight against wrinkles
· the energy of the stone calms and calms down
· cleans the body and mind of negative emotions

We perform face massage on cleansed skin covered with your favorite oil or serum (so that the massager easily glides over the skin). We start with a wider, flat tip making small circles around the eyes. Face massage with a point tip: we select a specific section of the skin and perform a precise point-by-point massage by "drawing" small circles or zigzags on the face. We massage the auricles, temples, the tip of the nose and the forehead.

dimensions: 11cm x 3.7cm
color: pink
chakra: hearts
packaging: elegant CRYSTALLOVE velor bag