Face cleaning and makeup removal mitt all skin type

Removing makeup is a process that is not always enjoyable, and sometimes even creates a feeling of discomfort. Often, using low-quality makeup removers, we damage the structure of the epidermis. As a result, the skin loses elasticity, changes color, becomes flabby and lethargic. The Balmy Naturel brand has found a solution to this problem - a magical makeup remover mitten.

The mitten is made of high-quality woven microfiber, the fibers of which are several times thinner than the smallest hair. Thanks to this, the material easily passes through the fatty film. This leads to a weakening of the barrier that holds cosmetics to the skin. Makeup turns into an emulsion, which is easily and effortlessly removed with the presented mitten. The sensations after using the accessory will pleasantly surprise you.

this mitten is used like a standard sponge (the service life is almost identical). It must be wetted with warm water before use. When one side is dirty, it will be enough to simply turn the mitten over during the cleaning process.