Energy charge whitening + anti-dulness facial foam 100g

Having a pimply, dull, and oily face makes any man look insecure. However, keeping facial skin healthy and free from skin problems is not an easy matter. Therefore, men must find the right facial cleansing product to overcome this problem. Instead, the best recommendation for an adam facial foam is Pond’s Men. Where this product is here to solve all types of facial skin problems. Like the Ponds series Men Energy Charge Facial Foam, which is a facial cleanser to treat dull facial problems. By using this product, men can get bright and well-groomed facial skin.

· Wet your face. Spread a little on the palms of the hands and give the water until foamy.
· Massage the face gently avoiding the eye area, then rinse with water.
· For best results, use together with POND’S MEN Acne Solution AntiAcne Treatment Gel.
· Use it every day.