Cotton buds 30s

These baby cotton buds are safe to use and are made with pure and soft cotton, sterilized and clinically tested.

Can be used to clean delicate areas of baby’s body
Clinically proven mildness for baby’s delicate skin
Caution: Never insert a cotton bud into the inner ear or nose.
We at JOHNSON'S® care for your little ones. And we understand that a baby’s hygiene is something that no parent wants to compromise on. The cotton buds are very thin in texture. JOHNSON'S® Cotton buds are safe for babies who have delicate ears. Thus, you can even use them to clean the delicate areas of your baby’s body, such as the gaps between fingers and toes and nostrils. The JOHNSON'S® cotton buds can also be used to apply lotions or medicines in sensitive areas.

Mums trust JOHNSON'S® Always Mild, Gentle and Effective.

Use JOHNSON'S® Buds after bath time to dry the outer surface of the ear, or anytime to gently remove visible dirt and wax.

Guide the swab over the folds and creases around the outer surface of each ear. Because this area is so sensitive, it's extremely important to keep it clean and even more important to use extra care in doing so.

Inserting the swab into the ear canal can result in injury.