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Color naturals hair color burgundy 3.16 30ml + 30g

Strands of grey will upset you no more as you can get a luscious mane with a rich colour using this Garnier Color Naturals Hair Color. You are sure to get a vibrant colour that lasts long with the effective formula of this Garnier Color Naturals Hair Color. The Burgundy - 3.16 shade is chic and enhances your fashion quotient. A colourant tube type III, a developer bottle, gloves and the instruction leaflet in this hair color set make your job easy. The non-drip formula makes hair coloring a completely hassle free process. With a composition that includes natural and organic ingredients, this hair color gives you soft and smooth hair apart from an appealing color.

Enriched with olive oil, this permanent cream hair color nourishes your hair so that your tresses are healthy and supple. This hair color is ideal for women.

Read the leaflet carefully for detailed instructions and precautions before using the hair color.
Perform a skin allergy test, by following the instructions, two days prior to using the hair color.
Use a non-metallic bowl to mix the contents of the hair color.
Apply the hair color immediately after mixing.
Use the gloves while dealing with the hair color.