Brillantine anti dandruff hair cream 210ml

Vatika Brillantine Anti-Dandruff Styling Hair cream is specially designed for Men to provide relief from dandruff. Highly Effective ZPTO & Climbazole actives cleanse the scalp and helps stop the growth of Dandruff.

The powerful triple herb mixture of peppermint, lemon and tea tree oil provides immediate and effective relief from dandruff problems and gives all day style

With scalp cleansing ZPTO – Zinc Pyrithione – ZPTO is highly effective in fighting dandruff, thus keeps your scalp free from itchiness and irritability

Put a generous amount of Vatika Brilliantine Shine Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream in palm of hands and apply to damp or blow dried hair. Now let your look do all the work Safety warning For external use only .