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Creme 21

Body milk dry skin 400ml

Creme 21 Dry Lotion is a premium quality moisturizing lotion for the daily care of dry skin. Enriched with aloe vera & vitamin e, it cares and protects your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. Leaves your skin soft and smooth all day long. This cream comes with advanced formulations that help keep your hands, feet, and body at their smoothest and most hydrated all day long. This cream provides intensive care for your skin and penetrates deep into your skin and makes it hydrated. The best part about this product is that it is compatible with all skin types and also comes with a lovely fragrance.

Features and benefits:

Gives you soft, smooth and refreshed skin.
It gently removes dead skin cells and automatically renews them.
Rich in nutrients to maintain skin moisture.

Take a warm, relaxing bath or shower before applying this body cream
When finished, dry yourself with a clean, dry towel. Wait until all the water is completely dry.
When you're done, take some lotion in the palm of your hand. Apply it all over your body, especially sensitive and dry areas.
Use your hands to massage the target areas well. Take the time to do this. Scrub properly, as it takes some time to absorb. Reapply if necessary.
Constant massaging will not only make you feel comfortable and relaxed, but will also aid in the quick absorption of the lotion.
Use a clean, dry cloth to scrub if any of the lotions are left on your hands. Wait a few minutes before getting dressed.