Bikini & underarm wax strips for sensitive skin 20 strips

Bikini wax is not a hassle anymore! With FEM Wax strips, enjoy salon like wax finish at home. With Hair Trap Technology, it is easy to use and actively grips hair as short as 1.5mm. Specially formulated with Calendula, which soothes and nourishes skin and also contains POST-wax wipes for a super smooth finish. It's time to stop worrying and Enjoy smooth and hair free skin for up to 4 weeks straight!

1. Wash and Dry Skin.
2. Warm the wax strip between your hands for a few seconds.
3. Slowly pull the strips apart.
4. Apply the strip over the hair to be removed in the direction of hair growth. Hold skin taut with one hand and immediately remove the strip in a fast single action against the direction of the hair growth.
5. Strips can be reused serveral times in the same depilation process.