Bamboo massage brush for face, neck, cleavage and breasts

Create your own beauty ritual with the CRYSTALLOVE bamboo brush to massage your face, neck, cleavage and breasts. The natural bristles of the brush tones and refreshes the skin in an extremely pleasant way. Dry brushing of the skin stimulates blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and renews skin cells. Dry skin massage oxygenates the skin, smoothes it, and improves its firmness and elasticity. It prepares the skin to receive active substances contained in cosmetics. An ideal treatment for all skin types, including delicate and sensitive skin.

Starting at the forehead, make short and gentle brush strokes towards the heart. Massage the entire face using a little pressure, avoiding sensitive areas and areas where the skin is damaged. Massage the skin from the inside to the outside of the face, then head towards the neck and décolleté, and towards the lymph nodes, draining the lymph. Remember to massage on dry skin without using any cosmetic. Repeat each movement several times. After the massage, wash your face with water, tonic or hydrolate and then apply your favorite care product. Clean the brush and wash it under running water once a week.


Remember to replace the brush every several treatments or as the bristles wear out. Although the bamboo does not absorb water, we recommend that you do not submerge the entire brush in water, only the massage part to clean it. Dry, preferably in the air, with the bristles facing down.

dimensions: 13.5 x 4.5 x 3 cm
bristle length: 2 cm
hair: horsehair, natural
handle: bamboo (does not deform when in contact with water, resistant to bacteria and molds)