Detangle sturdy wash day brush

Say goodbye to dreadful wash days with Cantu’s Basic Brush! Designed with a non-slip grip handle, longer bristles, and rubber base, the Basic Detangling Brush reaches deep within hair strands to detangle without breakage. The non-slip grip keeps the brush in your hand when using a product with lots of slip, and its sturdy build withstands even the toughest of detangling jobs. Gone are the days of replacing broken brushes after wash day. Cantu’s Basic Detangling Brush has a unique build, making it tough on knots and gentle enough to detangle all hair types. The rubber base provides ultimate curl definition while allowing hair to maintain moisture.

· Sturdy brush detangles most difficult strands
· Rubber base gives ultimate curl definition
· Longer bristles provide even more reach
· Non-slip grip increases control during use

To use, divide wet or damp hair into sections. Start from the bottom of the section and slowly work your way to the root. Repeat in each section. To prevent breakage or knots, never begin detangling at the root.