Body fantasies

Day dream darling 236ml

Body Fantasies Daydream Beliver has a juicy first impression with a dreamy blend of flower petal swirls and a base of vanilla, clean woods and skin musk. Body Fantasies fragrances are developed by expert perfumers and formulated with high quality oils for beautiful, long-lasting fragrance. From its initial burst to its lasting impression, each Body Fantasies scent blooms with uniquely beautiful fragrance notes. From uplifting florals and fresh fruits to sweet gourmands and cozy musks, the distinct scents in Body Fantasies fragrance collection offer something for everyone. Choose a signature scent for everyday wear or express yourself with a unique scent for each occasion. A little spritz of confidence to take on the day.

FLORAL & WARM: A cloud of vanilla, flower petals and white peach accent this dreamy scent.