Classic satin-lined for styler or sleep cap

Protect your hair from night to day with Cantu’s Satin-Lined Style Cap. This classically-designed cap isn’t just for nighttime wear; apply it over your curls, braids, or twists to creatively enhance your daily look. The Satin-Lined Style Cap’s super-soft, breathable fabric is gentle on your hair’s edges, minimizes snagging and dryness, and prevents breakage with each wear. Preserve styles overnight and retain moisture all day long.

· Satin lining provides extra protection from breakage, snagging, and dryness
· Perfect for overnight wear or daily styling
· Breathable fabric is gentle on hair’s edges
· Adds flair to protective styles

To use, slide on the Satin-Lined Cap to protect hair for both style and sleep.

For best results, saturate hair with Cantu’s Leave-In Conditioning Cream and twist into sections or moisturize with Cantu’s Daily Oil Moisturizer. Cover with Cantu’s Satin-Lined Style Cap.