Classic braid bonnet extra long sleep cap

How will you protect your protective style at night? Let Cantu’s Braid Bonnet do the trick! Our Extra-Large Sleep Cap is designed specifically with protecting your braids in mind. With nightly use, enjoy protective styles that withstand a good night’s sleep. Say goodbye to frizz from pillows and scarves that slide off. Our Extra-Large Sleep Cap has an adjustable tie to keep your hair secured all night long. Even better? It’s not just for braids! The extra-long design is suitable for all long hair, including braids, sew-ins, faux locs, and thicker, longer curls that need protection from nightly friction.

· Extra large sleep cap fits hair of all lengths and styles
· Protects hair against friction, preventing frizz and breakage
· Adjustable ties keep bonnet secure all night
· Perfect for molding edges during protective styling

To use, unfold the Braid Bonnet and cover hair. Adjust the tie to suit your needs and secure the bonnet to lay down edges and protect your ends.

For best results, apply Cantu’s Edge Gel to edges, smooth with the Narrow Wood Updo Brush, and secure the bonnet for temporary or overnight molding. Add a finishing touch to your protective style with Cantu’s Oil Sheen Deep Conditioning Spray.